The Ironbutt Association & LDRiders: Who We Are

Riding within the ranks of the hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists in this world is a subculture of riders that take Safe riding to an extreme. We call ourselves Long Distance Riders. Riding 1000 miles in one day is not a once in a lifetime dream but something most of us do Safely many times a year. Although some prefer to practice this pursuit as individuals many LDRiders join the Ironbutt Association (IBA), which sets the standard and keeps the records for the sport.

Our efforts are recorded in two ways; witnessed rides and competitive rallies. The IBA rules set the standards for certified rides. The ride of initiation is the Saddle Sore 1000, which requires a ride of at least 1000 miles in less than 24 hours. The organization has also placed limits on what may be considered a safe long distance ride. Regional rallies that test time, distance and mapping skills are held. Towards this pursuit, the Ironbutt Rally (IBR) is the top challenge.


What is the Ironbutt Rally?
Of the 26000 members of the Ironbutt Association, approximately 4000 apply to enter this 11-day 11000-mile event. Acceptance to the rally is considered the ultimate quest in the Long Distance Riding community. The IBR is held bi-annually with only 100 of the best riders offered a starting position, so the odds are against any rider before the start.
The rally is ridden anywhere within the borders of the United States and Canada. Five check points are positioned within these boundaries and riders must make it to each of the checkpoints within a two-hour window.Shortly before the start of each leg the rider is given a list of bonus locations, each with different point value. Riders trying to make a podium finish must first plan a route and then ride it to collect whatever information is required to claim the bonus points.Finishers of the IBR must average at least 1000 miles a day, whereas top finishers will end up riding far more daily miles then that to place.

The IBR has no accommodation for bad luck on the ride. Riders must deal with whatever may come their way on the journey. But while weather and machine conditions may play a big part in the outcome, nothing is more important than staying in the saddle for up to 20 hours a day on average. Since 1984 the Ironbutt Rally has challenged some of the most experienced and determined motorcyclists to what is called the "World's Toughest Motorcycle Competition".


2007 IRONBUTT RALLY Sponsorship Proposal
For Dave Derrick, Long Distance Rider